Year 6 Art Study Visit to Birmingham Museum & Gallery (2.2.12)

Year 6 Art Visit to Birmingham Museum & Gallery February 2012The visit began well when we nearly left Mrs Hanford behind!  Year 6 has been working on illustrating stories in their lessons in ink. They have been looking at the work of Arthur Rackham a Victorian illustrator. At the Birmingham City Art Gallery, the pupils were split into two groups.

There were two separate Art Sessions in the morning and afternoon. One was led by the Birmingham education staff and was entitled ‘Storytelling’

Pupils looked at various Pre-Raphaelite paintings and were asked to consider the stories being illustrated and how the artist managed to get that story across to the viewer. They made drawings in their sketchbooks and were very communicative to all questions answering well. Year 6 Art Visit to Birmingham Museum & Gallery February 2012

The second session was self led by Pratton staff where we went to see an exhibition in the main Gas Hall entitled ‘Lost in Lace’. Here, 20 contemporary artists had made installations inspired by lace and with some connection to the structure found within it.  Some were large and quite extraordinary. These are challenging and fun to look at.

Also, there was time to explore the other galleries looking at ‘How art is made’ and we even saw designs for the new £50 note.

All agreed it was another enlightening Art visit and pupils learnt a great deal and made some fine drawings.