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  • Year 5 Visit to Safety Centre, Milton Keynes (15.5.14)

    Posted: 05th June 2014

    When we got there we were split into seven groups.  Each group went to a different place and my group went to a house where we were told to sit on the carpet and pretend we were having a sleepover.  Suddenly, a smoke alarm set off and we had to dash out.  Mia and I phoned the fire brigade and I had to give lots of information like my name and if anyone was in the house.  Luckily, I remembered uncle was upstairs so he was saved.  Then we went into another house and spotted the dangers for the baby that lived there.  Next, we went to spot the dangers in a building site, a train station, petrol station and a lake.  Someone was drowning and there were real fish.  The trip gave you an experience without actually feeling in danger yourself and we learned what could happen to people in real life if they were not aware of danger.  We learned loads and I feel a lot safer.  By Imogen Day

  • Cake Sale for Autism Concern (22.5.14)

    Posted: 04th June 2014

    On Thursday 22nd May the school held a Cake Sale to support Autism Concern.  We raised a total of £207.05.

  • Year 6 Drama: A to Z of Poetry (22.5.14)

    Posted: 03rd June 2014

    On Thursday 22nd May, Year 6 performed ‘The A to Z of Poetry’. This consisted of performances of 26 poems and songs (the songs were all from T.S. Elliot’s ‘Cats’). They were magnificent, managing to produce moments of humour contrasted with moments of sadness. Well done to all of the pupils for acting so well and learning so many lines!

  • Assembly with Mr Slack, Head Master of King Henry VII (16.5.14)

    Posted: 16th May 2014

    Mr Slack explained it was the 186th anniversary of the death of the infamous scientist, Jean Baptiste Joseph Fourier.  He brought with him a container full of liquid nitrogen and explained that nitrogen is a naturally occurring gas and makes up 78% of our atmosphere. The air that we breathe is about 4/5 nitrogen and 1/5 oxygen (with a few other vapors besides).  Having put on his safety gloves so that his hands did not freeze, he then set about a number of experiments.  First he put a tube into the liquid nitrogen and the liquid nitrogen came out of the top.  He froze instantly an inner tube from a bicycle and then smashed it to pieces with a hammer.  He then froze a bunch of flowers which shattered on impact because they were so fragile.  Then he froze two balloons and they completely deflated, but when warmed up again they went back to normal.  Then he froze his tie but, because the tie had a different molecular structure, the tie did not break!  Finally, Mr Slack held up his daughter’s teddy and asked all the children whether he should freeze it or not and see if it would break (around 98% of the children voted to freeze Teddy!).  Matthew Davey volunteered to provide a hammer blow to Teddy, having been dressed in a white coat, gloves and face shield and, luckily for Mr Slack, Teddy remained intact!  The purpose of the experiment was demonstrate that if you take the energy out of something, it will deflate or break or shatter, so if you, as children, do not put energy into everything you do, you will feel deflated and you will not get the results you want, so always put as much energy as you can into everything you do!

  • Year 2 Visit the Blue Orange Theatre, Birmingham (8.5.14)

    Posted: 15th May 2014

    Year 2 ventured to The Blue Orange Theatre in Birmingham to watch a production of Roald Dahl’s George’s Marvellous Medicine.  The compact, yet cleverly organised theatre, meant that, with only a small amount of seating arranged closely around three sides of the stage floor, the children found themselves quite literally in the thick of all the action!
    As the story unfolded, Year 2 quickly began to sympathise with poor George Cranky, the little boy stuck at home desperately trying to please his ill-tempered, grizzly and very demanding granny.  We didn’t have to wait long before George was concocting his plan to create a magical medicine.  The children cheered, laughed out loud and leapt from their seats as they urged George to put more and more gooey, bizarre and hilariously funny ingredients into his potion.  Then, with clever staging techniques and accomplished acting skills, we watched, mesmerised as Granny whizzed, popped and flew about the floor before shooting up through the roof!  
    Often, spell bound and completely immersed in what they were watching, their little voices could be heard whispering “Is it real?  Did that really happen?” The performance gripped the children’s interest and imaginations from beginning to end.

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