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  • Year 7 'Chemistry Around Us' Lecture (11.2.14)

    Posted: 12th February 2014

    Once we arrived at Bedford we went to the lecture theatre. The Head Master gave his opening speech, then the science teacher started it off with a water pistol, making everybody quite wet!
    In the lecture we were shown several different experiments, many of which we had never even heard of until now! Some examples were setting our hands on fire (it did not hurt) and making our hands crackle and pop. He made flames of different colours and some elephants toothpaste. Then he did a variety of things to some poor balloons, he burnt them, froze them and exploded them with an almighty bang! He also used liquid nitrogen on a banana and a couple of roses. He dipped them in and left them for a few minutes, then he dropped the frozen objects on the floor, where they shattered into loads of pieces.

    By Gus Stephenson

  • Year 8 Visit to Bedford Observatory (4.2.14)

    Posted: 12th February 2014

    On Tuesday 4th February we went to Bedford Observatory.  It wasn’t that far but we had to rush because the clouds were going to cover stars.  Luckily, we managed to see the moon and Jupiter through the telescope.
    The moon was magnificent.  You could see all craters on the south side.  Jupiter was amazing too as we got to see four of its moons.  Two of them were slightly hard to see because they were a bit dark.
    Once everyone had a chance to look through the telescope we piled into the planetarium.  We got to see some of the different constellations in all four seasons, including the Great Bear.  We were also told that we may be able to see a satellite go around the earth.  
    Overall, I think that the trip was great and I would highly recommend it.

    By Cecily Brookshaw

  • Reception's Visit from a Nutritionist (4.2.14)

    Posted: 10th February 2014

    The children in Reception had a wonderful time on Tuesday 4th February when Mrs Helmn came into school to talk about her job as a nutritionist. She brought with her a picnic hamper full of ‘super foods’ and asked the children to delve into the basket which was full of brightly coloured peppers, cherries, kiwis, blueberries and carrots and explained the health benefits of each one. Thomas was the first up and chose broccoli followed by Owen who chose carrots and was told they were good for bones and brains. Olivia was next and Mrs Helmn told her that red peppers were excellent for our eyes and helps us to recover from colds. She said that blueberries contain lots of vitamin C and are good for our skin and hair, the children were all given the chance to try them. Felicity carefully handled an egg and said she would take it home for her tea, Mrs Helmn said it was full of protein and helps us stay strong. The children learnt a lot from the talk and returned to their classes chattering about their favourite fruits.

  • Year 2 Visit from an Orthopaedic Surgeon (5.2.14)

    Posted: 06th February 2014

    The hip bone‘s connected to the thigh bone, the thigh bone’s connected to the leg bone….

    Year 2 were treated to a talk by Orthopaedic Surgeon, Mr Mundy, who kindly brought some in examples of bones and replacement hip and knee parts. Pleasingly, the children were able to answer many questions and ask some very interesting ones! They were given the opportunity to handle the bones and to feel the weight of a new ball and socket hip joint. We were all amazed to see the long metal rods inserted into broken bones to stabilise them. However, the most surreal part of the afternoon was to see a classroom full of aspiring surgeons, clad in surgical masks and hats. Many chose to go home wearing them and I do believe even slept in them!  A very huge thank you to Mr Mundy for giving up his valuable time.

  • Rugby School Prep School Musician of the Year (30.1.14)

    Posted: 06th February 2014

    Eleven musicians from Years 7 and 8 enjoyed a fantastic day of music making at Rugby School yesterday. The pupils enjoyed participating in a Choral Workshop and Massed Instrumental Ensemble, as well as hearing a concert performed by musicians from Rugby School. Several of our pupils performed solos as part of the Prep School Musician of the Year. We were delighted that many were chosen to perform again in the concert to parents. Everybody performed to an extremely high standard and the adjudicator, Paul Harris, was incredibly complimentary. Congratulations go to Theo Matthews who was awarded the Rugby School Prep School Musician of the Year. The day was a great experience for all those who took part.

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