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  • Home Clothes Day for Help for Heroes (6.10.14)

    Posted: 07th October 2014

    A Home Clothes Day was held on Monday 6th October to support Help for Heroes.  Pupils and teachers dressed in red, white and blue for the day and raised a total of £526 for this cause.

  • Years 1&2 Visit the National Space Centre, Birmingham (30.9.14)

    Posted: 03rd October 2014

    This week Year Two, joined by Year One, had a lovely and informative day out at the National Space Centre, Leicester. We were able to see, at close quarters, an array of genuine and most spectacular space regalia including space suits and food, moon rock and rocket parts. There was so much to see and do and never enough time, so another visit is a must with mummy and daddy, in the future. The children especially enjoyed the Planetarium where they were able to view the planets and the solar system, the Milky Way and some of the constellations. As always, the children’s standard of behaviour was extremely good. A very successful and informative day was had by all.

  • Year 8 Visit the Hope Centre, Northampton (25.9.14)

    Posted: 02nd October 2014

    Myfanwy Fleming-Jones, Alys Hemmings, Ethan Hodgson, Josh Beal and Douglas Ralston went off to visit the Northampton Hope Centre last week. We wanted to see where all our harvest produce goes and to learn more about how the Hope Centre helps many vulnerable people in our community.

    It was a fantastic opportunity to see first-hand how the centre works and what a valuable part it plays in reaching out and supporting those people who really need a ‘hand-up’ to get them back on their feet. The youngest client that uses the centre is 18 right up to the oldest who is 86 years old. We also found out that 75% of their clients are male and only 25% are female.

    We also found out that over 80 people who got help from the centre in the last year have also come back to volunteer and help others at the centre itself.  We went around the centre and had the opportunity to ask lots of questions.

    The Hope Centre is based inside a large modern building. It shares the building with other businesses which help people with housing, transport and getting jobs.

    The main reception room is large and spacious. It has tables and chairs where clients can sit and eat. It also has comfortable chairs and sofas and a TV, a small library and a Poole table. There is also a big serving hatch where clients can buy a hot meal to eat.

    Outside the main room there were various teaching rooms and, showers as well as some flats for independent short term living.


  • Outspan School Project, Uganda (1.10.14)

    Posted: 02nd October 2014

    Tim Street and Georgina came to school to talk to the Year 4 and 5 pupils. As part of our PSHCE and Tutorial work we are embarking on an International School link with Outspan School in Uganda. Tim and Georgina gave a very informative talk about Uganda and the development of the Outspan School. Education is scarce in Uganda and the Outspan School aims to give as many children as possible the opportunity to learn but, sadly, for many this is not affordable. With the help of Years 4 and 5 we aim to raise £300 to sponsor a girl called Flavia. This is an excellent opportunity for our pupils to not only give Flavia an education but one which will also enrich and broaden our own pupils’ learning.  Spratton pupils will have the opportunity during the year to correspond and develop new friendships, comparing and contrasting their own experiences, interests and hobbies. The first fundraising event will be to make a personalised Year 4 and 5 T towel with the proceeds going towards Flavia’s school fees so that she can join the school at the start of the academic year in January 2015.

  • Year 8 Visit to the National Portrait Gallery (15.9.14)

    Posted: 01st October 2014

    Arriving at the National Portrait Gallery at 11.30 am gave us just over an hour to see the BP Award Exhibition. It was well worth the wait, pupils were amazed at how life-like all the paintings were. The Award is the world’s most prestigious competition of its kind, promoting the very best in contemporary portrait painting and has launched the careers of many highly successful portrait artists. This year it attracted a record-breaking 2,377 entries from artists in 71 countries.

    The weather was good and we were able to take our lunch around the corner to Trafalar Square, but only for half an hour as we had to rush back for our talk. Pupils were engaged in an excellent dialogue of questioning and gained information on some of the paintings we saw in the exhibition. We were told about artists who painted their friends, a painter who spent two years painting his mother, expressing the hard work she did in a hospital and a mother who painted her son sitting chilled out in the middle of his large messing bedroom. We explored the moods and processes behind some of the most interesting portraits in the exhibition.

    Year 8 will be doing their own portrait painting so this trip was very valuable in many ways.

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