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  • Cake Sale for the Hope Centre (12.3.15)

    Posted: 16th March 2015

    There were some beautiful cakes on display on Thursday 12th March when the Year 8s organised a Cake Sale to raise money for the Hope Centre in Northampton.  We raised a total of £278.00 for this worthwhile cause.

  • Year 4 Visit to the Shir Swaminarayan Mandir, Neasden (25.2.15)

    Posted: 13th March 2015
    Pupils in year 4 have written about their thoughts and observations after visiting the Hindu Mandir earlier in the term. This a selection of them.

    Milena Bell 4R

    I chose to draw Ganesha, because he is the god of good luck and wisdom. He is half elephant and half man. Some Hindus were giving food to the gods. I saw that bread, chocolate, fruit and water were left for them. Later the shrines were closed and we couldn’t see the gods any more, but a picture of the god was put by the shrine, so we could still draw them.

    Millie Ritchie 4R

    We climbed some stairs and found we were right inside the Mandir where I immediately noticed the astounding carvings. They were so beautiful with magnificent gods on the pillars and dome ceiling.

    Phoebe Thomas 4S

    We were in the Mandir during an Aarti service. A pujari swung lights in front of the murtis in their shrines. We saw that some of the Hindus prostrated themselves right to the floor. Afterwards a man held a candle and the worshippers washed the light over their heads.

    It was a breath-taking experience and I felt very peaceful and calm. I loved seeing this astonishing building

    Charlie Foster 4S

    We climbed some stairs to take us inside the Mandir and I saw people meditating and quietly clapping their hands while chanting to the music.

    Edward Bradnam 4W

    The murtis were inside shrines and they had a coloured mark on their foreheads. They were wearing brightly coloured and very fine clothing. They have 85 sets of clothes.

    Charles Swinfen – 4W

    The pujari were waving candles in front of the murtis. At first I thought they were just talking to statues in boxes, but actually they believe that the spirit of the gods goes into the statues and the gold boxes are called shrines. After the service the worshippers put their hands over the flame then over their faces to receive a blessing from the murti.

    I found it a very interesting pace.

  • Years 3-7 Informal Concert (12.3.15)

    Posted: 13th March 2015

    The Informal Concert took place on Thursday 12th March. It involved many talented pupils from Years 3-7. The soloists had been putting in a lot of effort to practice, which was shown by amazing performances. Lots of different instruments were involved from the cello to the oboe, violins, guitars, piano, flute and singing. It was very nerve-wracking performing in front of a lot of people, even for those who are very experienced.  Some of the pupils were performing in their first concert and they did especially well, however, every single person performed brilliantly and should be very proud. Some were playing short, but sweet pieces, others long but lovely. Every person gave an exciting and unique performance with huge amounts of concentration and determination, which delighted the audience.
    By Amy Hoffman

  • Years 7&8 Production Club Performance: The Scottish Play (10.3.15)

    Posted: 12th March 2015

    On Tuesday 10th March, the Year 7 and 8 Production Club performed ‘The Scottish Play’. In this humorous play, St Dunsinane’s are putting on Macbeth which, unfortunately, coincides with a school inspection. As the prefects vie for power in the school, events begin to ‘mirror’ that of the play. When Douglas finds three girls who have been locked in a store cupboard since 1987 with prophetic powers, his path to the powerful position of Head Prefect becomes clear. The play was very successful and went down well with the audience. Well done to all the performers, there were some accomplished performances.

  • Spratton Pupils join JAC County Hockey (11.3.15)

    Posted: 11th March 2015

    13 of our Spratton Hall pupils have got into two different JAC County Hockey training squads this Spring.  After a couple of rigorous assessment sessions earlier in the year, in the Northants County, Sam Turberville-Smith, Tommy Simeons, William Brinkman, Charlotte Kemsley-Pein, Phemie Jennings, Elena Willcox, Katie Murray, Amy Hoffman and Rose Cassidy were all selected to play for the U13s whilst Myfanwy Fleming-Jones and Katy Salvesen were selected to play for U14s.  In the Warwickshire County, Douglas Ralston was selected to play for the U13s and Oliver Mourant was chosen to play for the U14s.

    It is a huge achievement by these pupils and we wish them all the best in their tournaments later in the Spring.

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