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  • Year 6 Visit to Coventry Cathedral (4.11.14)

    Posted: 10th November 2014

    Year 6 had a guided tour of both the modern part of the Cathedral and the ruins. The focus of the tour was Christian symbolism, the Cathedral’s positive message of peace and reconciliation and the Cathedral’s fascinating history. They also had an opportunity to visit the Blitz Museum.

    Here are some of their comments about the day:

    I liked the huge black cross which will only be painted white when there is peace throughout the world. (Marcus Aldrich)

    I liked the story about the charred cross and the vicar writing Father Forgive. (Max Faulkner)

    I liked the abstract art of the Baptistery Window where the artist wants you to decide what the colours mean. (Sasha Roberts)

    I enjoyed visiting the Blitz Museum where you saw a WW2 school room and kitchen. (Jasmine Cassidy)

    I liked that we could stand where King George VI had stood. (Ethan La Porta)

    I was surprised at how big, modern and colourful it was. (Eliza Wilson)

    I liked the Chapel of Unity where we stood on continents and dropped golf balls which rolled together to help us understand the message of unity in the world.(Charlie Mallott)

    I most enjoyed writing a poem about the Cathedral’s message of peace, hope and reconciliation. (Dickon Collins)

    If you faced one way you could only see grey but if you faced another way you could see the colourful stained glass windows showing the five stages of life. (Freddy Fowler)

    I liked going into the ruins and feeling like you were in history. (Jessica Cressey Jones)

    The texture of the font from Bethlehem was very unusual. (Luca Cinquini-Steel)

    I found it interesting that the Luftwaffe dropped incendiary bombs on Coventry Cathedral. (George Patten)

    I really liked the fact that Coventry decided to keep the ruins of the old cathedral. (Mia Darby)

    I enjoyed learning about the story of the peace cranes (India Clarke)

    I liked the Chapel of Unity because there was a sloping floor, a dove in the middle and continents round the sides. (Harry West)


    Here is a selection of poems and prayers that Year 6 wrote at the end of their day at Coventry Cathedral:

    Peace, Hope, Reconciliation by Dino Gallone

    Peace glides into the hearts of people, who forgive their enemies,
    Hope floats through the air, looking to comfort the heartbroken people
    Reconciliation is in us all somewhere, ready to make a new world of harmony.

    Dear Lord,
    Please help us to forgive, even when it is hard to do so,
    Please let there be hope in the world, even when it is hard to think so,
    Please let there be peace in the world for ever and ever.
    (Isabella Lloyd)

    Dear God
    Let peace spread across the world and let people consume it,
    Let hope be with us every second of every day of every hour of every year,
    Let reconciliation become part of us and one of us forever.
    (Jonti Spilman)

    Dear Lord,
    Help us to forgive other people’s sins as we would like them to forgive us.
    Help us to make peace with our enemy and apologise to those we have hurt.
    Help us to see that after the darkest night there is always light.
    (Imogen Day)

  • Year 4 Visit to Stratford-upon-Avon (13.10.14)

    Posted: 17th October 2014

    I really liked it when we went into Shakespeare’s house and saw where he was born.  We also saw Queen Elizabeth’s real signature.  By Phoebe Thomas

    I enjoyed the Tudor writing, it was fun but very hard.  I tried to copy Elizabeth’s signature but it didn’t work!  By Milena Bell

    I liked it when we did the Tudor shopping as I liked working out how much I could buy.  I also enjoyed looking at the details on the Tudor coins.  By Lauren Hewett

    I loved the Shakespeare Centre and I really liked writing my name with the quill and stamping the pieces of paper.  By Sophie Lloyd

  • Informal Concert (16.10.14)

    Posted: 17th October 2014

    We thoroughly enjoyed our first Informal Concert of the year and it was lovely to hear such a variety of music being played.  We heard performances from Years 3 – 8 which demonstrated the wealth of talent we have within the school.  Congratulations to all those pupils who took part.

  • Oundle Brass Day (3.10.14)

    Posted: 16th October 2014

    The Oundle Brass Day was a great opportunity for new and experienced brass players.  It was a fun day with a concert at the end which showed what can be achieved after just a few hours of practice.  I encourage every brass player in school to go next year as it was a great experience and we all learnt a great deal.
    By Josh Beal

  • Oakham Music Day (7.10.14)

    Posted: 16th October 2014

    On Tuesday 7th October a group of pupils, some singers, some string players, went to Oakham to play with all the different schools from all over the country.  The strings played a suite called ‘The Adventures of Greensleeves’ and the singers sang several songs including, ‘The Goose and the Gander’ and ‘Pastime with Good Company’.  The theme of the day was ‘Travelling Through Time’ and all the different parts of ‘Greensleeves’ were from different eras.  We heard Oakham Chamber Orchestra and the Chamber Choir.  The strings played, ‘Finale: The Dargason’ from St Paul’s Suite and the choir sang ‘Fyer, Fyer!’.  All in all it was a lovely day.

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