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  • Spratton Hall Charity Work (1.7.14)

    Posted: 01st July 2014

    At Spratton Hall our Year 8 pupils, as part of the PSHCE syllabus, spend time raising awareness and money for a charity of their choice. 

    The charities chosen are selected for various reasons and often because of a personal interest on behalf of the pupils.  The charities cover many areas of the local and national community.  This year the Year 8 pupils chose the following charities:  Alzheimer's Society, Autism Concern, British Red Cross, Children’s Society, Hope Centre for the Homeless, Music and the Deaf, Rainbows Hospice, Royal British Legion and the Matthew Hampton Foundation.

    The pupils spent time raising funds and awareness for their chosen charity through an eclectic mix of events such as a sponsored 30km cycle ride, a sponsored 10km swim, a raffle for a giant Lindt bunny, cake sales, home clothes days and one group held a Charity Golf Evening where they also had a BBQ and a giant darts competition.

    The benefit to everyone, pupils, staff and parents alike, is enormous and enables us to gain a greater awareness of these different charities.  The involvement is not just for the short term.  Many of our pupils continue their interest in the charity long after leaving Spratton Hall.

  • Year 4 Visit to Coventry Transport Museum (25.6.14)

    Posted: 30th June 2014

    The first bicycle was French, the Velocepide.  The English nicknamed it the ‘Boneshaker’ because it was uncomfortable to ride and so they invented the penny-farthing.  The penny-farthing was nicknamed that because one wheel was big and the other was small like a penny and a farthing.  The women found it impossible to ride because the saddle was high and their skirts were huge, so they invented the tricycle which was very popular.  The last type of bicycle was a safety cycle and very similar to those of today.  It had a guard on it so ladies dresses did not get caught in it.  We all enjoyed the trip and learnt a lot.  By Pippa Hemsley

  • Year 6 Visit to Warner Bros. Studios (24.6.14)

    Posted: 30th June 2014

    Once we were indoors, we were issued with Harry Potter passports in which to collect the stamps all around the tour and find the golden snitch!  The first real set we saw was the Great Hall with two tables both laid with plates, goblets, knives and forks for a grand banquet.  All around the outside of the hall were some of the robes and clothes used by the actors.  We saw many sets from the films including Gryffindor Common Room, Harry’s Dormitory, Potions Classroom, The Burrow, Hagrid’s Cabin, Ministry of Magic, Gringotts Bank, Diagon Alley, Knight Bus and Potter’s House, including the cupboard under the stairs.  We also learned about the game of quidditch which looked so much fun.  The second part of the tour was very interesting and all about make-up and how they made the goblins’ faces and the werewolf.  Most interesting of all for me were the robotics they used to make the werewolf and Hagrid’s heads.  We also learnt about visual and special effects and the use of green screens.  By Emma Wardrop

  • Year 3 Visit to Manor Farm (24.6.14)

    Posted: 26th June 2014

    Early in the morning at about 8.30 am we got on the coach and headed on our journey.  It took about an hour and a half.  We lined up in Manor Farm and had our snack.  We headed down to the woodland to start our adventure.  We got split into two halves and went to the owl sanctuary while the other group stayed in the woodland. The owl sanctuary was fun and there was an owl called Ziggy.  Then we went into a kind of shelter where a lady talked to us about the owls.  There were lots of different names like Henry, Misty, Midnight and Shadow.  Then we went to a playground which had a fort.  We had lunch and were allowed to play a while longer before going to activities.  We headed all the way back to the woodland.  We were split into four groups to make a den and ours was called the marshmallows.  We had a lot of equipment like a rope, tarpaulin and logs.  Our group was one of the only ones to finish and then we made our ‘boggetts’ which was fun.  Then we did walking and rope climbing.  By Roddy Dewar

  • French Day (26.6.14)

    Posted: 26th June 2014

    We celebrated our French Day at Spratton Hall on Thursday 26th June as an early practice for France National Day on 14th July. The children enjoyed a morning break French pastry (pain au chocolat) while practicing greetings, expressions and answering questions in French.

    At lunch time, they took part in French speaking tables.  In collaboration with Mr Sharpe, French dishes were prepared for the occasion along with French music being played in the dining room. Some of the dishes were: croque monsieur, boeuf bouguignon, poulet chasseur, pomme de terre dauphinoise, tarte tatin and profiteroles.

    Vive la France!

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