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  • Year 2 Visit the Blue Orange Theatre, Birmingham (8.5.14)

    Posted: 15th May 2014

    Year 2 ventured to The Blue Orange Theatre in Birmingham to watch a production of Roald Dahl’s George’s Marvellous Medicine.  The compact, yet cleverly organised theatre, meant that, with only a small amount of seating arranged closely around three sides of the stage floor, the children found themselves quite literally in the thick of all the action!
    As the story unfolded, Year 2 quickly began to sympathise with poor George Cranky, the little boy stuck at home desperately trying to please his ill-tempered, grizzly and very demanding granny.  We didn’t have to wait long before George was concocting his plan to create a magical medicine.  The children cheered, laughed out loud and leapt from their seats as they urged George to put more and more gooey, bizarre and hilariously funny ingredients into his potion.  Then, with clever staging techniques and accomplished acting skills, we watched, mesmerised as Granny whizzed, popped and flew about the floor before shooting up through the roof!  
    Often, spell bound and completely immersed in what they were watching, their little voices could be heard whispering “Is it real?  Did that really happen?” The performance gripped the children’s interest and imaginations from beginning to end.

  • Reception Visit to Sea Life Centre (13.5.14)

    Posted: 14th May 2014

    After counting down the sleeps, Reception went to The Sealife Centre in Birmingham. We were very excited to see the new penguin enclosure and watched them dive and swim. Watching a 4D film, made us giggle when the penguins danced and the seats shook. The killer whale splashed us with water and blew bubbles. The penguins asked us to make sure we don’t let rubbish go in the sea.
    We listened to Stephen tell us interesting facts about the animals and we thought of good questions to ask. We saw lots of different sea creatures and were even allowed to touch some. The crab was cold and bumpy and the starfish was rough and spiky. The jellyfish were beautiful and graceful and the rays were flat and spotty. A shark fell asleep on the glass tunnel and we saw its sharp teeth.
    We had a wonderful trip…and some of us had a snooze on the way home!

  • Year 4 Art Study Visit to Burghley House (6.5.14)

    Posted: 13th May 2014

    The 2014 Sculpture Exhibition ‘Elemental’ explores dynamic sculptures that respond to the elements such as the wind or sun, including a wing sock shimmering kinetic sculpture that appears and disappears on a breeze. Year 4 really enjoyed running free and exploring the sculptures in the garden. They did a quick sketch in their sketchbooks of the sculpture they liked the most.
    The Portrait Talk was interactive and pupils were encouraged to enquire through discussion, object association and interpretation. A tour of the house followed, viewing many of the paintings used in the talk. Burghley House has a wonderful collection of Italian old master paintings and it has one of the finest in private hands.
    The amazing contents of the Garden of Surprises are inspired by this Elizabethan garden and are hidden from the outside – waiting to reveal their surprises to those who enter. Features such as the moss house, the swivelling Caesar busts, jets and the mirrored maze have been designed to be accessible to all and are particularly enjoyable for the young, or those young at heart, who enjoy a paddle on a warm day. The garden exudes a real sense of fun and the children loved it.

  • Year 3 Visit Black Country Living Museum (6.5.14)

    Posted: 12th May 2014

    It was 8 o’clock and we set off on our Victorian adventure.  When we got there we met a man who was the guide.  The guide gave us three children to learn about and Lillian was 3P’s.  Just before we went to explore, he split us in to two groups.   First we went to the mine but before we went in it was safety first.  The mine was very creepy.  We saw pretend people with fake candles but they looked realistic.  It had very good sound effects too.  After the mine we went to the village shop where there were lots of things to buy.  Then we went to the hardware store and met a man called Roger.  When we finished, we went to the cake shop and found out about biscuits.  Then we visited the sweet shop.  Afterwards, we went to the chemist before having lunch.  After lunch, we went to a school with a teacher.  He wasn’t that strict and it was really fun.  First we learned to do the alphabet backwards, it was quite easy.  Then we had to do fancy writing which was harder.  The lesson finished and we headed back to school.
    By Roddy Dewar

  • Sponsored Bike Ride for Matthew Hampson (5.5.14)

    Posted: 08th May 2014

    On Monday 5th May Jamie Womack, James Esler, Grace Turberville-Smith, William Hinton, Vicky Povey, Adam Newton, William Bird, Finn Davies and Joe Roberts-Nuttall took part in a sponsored bike ride along the Brampton Valley Way and cycled the 30 miles from Market Harborough to Northampton and back.  Thanks to their amazing sponsors (and support from their dads on the day) they have currently raised the fantastic sum of £1,800.

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