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  • Year 8 Head Master's Visit to London (6.6.14)

    Posted: 10th June 2014

    Year 8 went to London for a relaxing day out after the long and tiring Common Entrance week. Firstly, we started the day with a tour of Leadenhall Market, where the boys bought masks of well known people such as Borris Johnson and we saw the beautiful architecture. Then we went to the Bank of England for a presentation on the role and functions of the bank. We also struggled to lift a gold bar that weighed 13kg and was worth over a third of a million pounds!
    After visiting the Bank we walked to St Paul’s Cathedral, where we saw the amazing view of London from the top. The only downside was the dizzying climb up and down the spiral staircase.  The dome was incredibly beautiful. Next, we were allowed to roam freely in Covent Garden, where some of us decided to spend our money in various shops and others watched the interesting street performers. After a delicious and filling meal in Wagamamas, we headed back to watch a very unusual street performer who had a chainsaw!
    Finally, we headed to the Lyceum Theatre where we watched an incredible performance of ‘The Lion King’. The costumes were breathtakingly realistic! There were even people on stilts as giraffes and a gigantic elephant.
    It was an amazingly fun day out, which everyone greatly enjoyed.
    By Isabella Proudfoot

  • Stowe Art Exhibition (7.6.14)

    Posted: 10th June 2014

    On Saturday 7th June it rained from the heavens, yet the sun shone on the Art Department as 15 families turned out for the private viewing of the Prep School Art Exhibition at Stowe School.  The Head of Stowe gave some inspiring words to pupils and we enjoyed viewing the work from 18 schools, including Spratton Hall. The standard of the work was very high. There were tours around the Art Department and our families enjoyed walking around the grounds and having afternoon tea just outside the Grand Marble Hall, overlooking the grounds, and watching the cricket match, together with the unusual event of a Beagle Puppy Show with many men in white coats and bowler hats!

  • Year 7 Visit to Cadbury World (20.5.14)

    Posted: 10th June 2014

    Year 7 enjoyed Cadbury World very much and we learned a lot, we also ate and saw a lot of chocolate! As soon as we arrived we played in the playground and then we went inside Bourneville. We went into a lecture room and had a talk about how Cadbury’s started and who invented it. Obviously Mr Cadbury! He started this secondary business. Cadbury was a Quaker which meant, for religious reasons, he and other Quakers did not drink alcohol. He sold cocoa, coffee and tea. Then he made chocolate bars and it started from there. Cadbury is a Fairtrade company which gets its cocoa beans from Ghana. They make sure the farmers get a good and fair price for the cocoa beans and they provide funds for the local people to put towards improving things like their sanitation and a water wells in their community.
    The cocoa beans grow on the trunks of the trees and are white and sticky when they first come out of the pods. The beans are then dried and packaged off to England. There are about 40 beans in a pod and it takes about 40 beans to make a single bar of chocolate.
    Cadbury was the first factory to make Dairy Milk chocolate and this is still their best seller today.  
    Cadbury moved his business out of very cramped conditions in Birmingham to the countryside. He believed it was vital to invest in people and their lives to run an efficient factory. He made sure all his workers were happy and built cricket fields for leisure, gave them holiday time and the younger employees still had an education. Bourneville was a lovely village to live in. Cadbury provided good housing for its workers to live in.
    The factory today takes sustainability seriously and it is a good place to work.
    By Myfanwy Fleming-Jones

  • Year 1 Ocarina Concert (5.6.14)

    Posted: 06th June 2014

    The Year 1 children proudly performed a selection of songs and ocarina pieces at their first informal music concert. A packed Hunter Hall audience of friends and family enjoyed listening to many upbeat Seaside songs. This performance included more wonderful talents….a recital of familiar tunes expertly played on little plastic pods, otherwise known as ocarinas! The children thoroughly enjoyed singing and playing their brightly coloured ocarinas and they were very pleased to squeeze in their favourite piece of music: ‘Jingle Bells.’ You can never start getting ready to early!

  • Bedford Athletics Success (5.6.14)

    Posted: 06th June 2014

    Well done to the following who qualified for the IAPS National Finals on Wednesday 2nd July.

    U12 Girls’ 1500m  -  Molly Williams (new school record)
    U12 4x100m Girls’ Relay - Molly Williams, Gabby Peck, Rose Cassidy, Amy Hoffman
    U14 Girls’ 100m -  Anousha Salehi (new school record)
    U14 Girls’ Hurdling -  Anousha Salehi
    U14 Girls’ 300m -  Isabella Carter
    U14 4x100m Girls’ Relay - Maddie Thompson, Anousha Salehi, Grace Turberville-Smith, Isabella Carter

    New school records were also made in U14 Girls’ High Jump—Grace Turberville-Smith and U13 Boys’ High Jump—William Murray.

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