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  • Assembly with Mr Sanderson, Head Master of Bloxham School (

    Posted: 12th September 2014

    On Friday 12th September, Mr Sanderson, Head Master of Bloxham School, gave the school an entertaining demonstration on teamwork.  He selected two volunteers to sit at a table with a bowl of cocopops and a candle.  They could only eat their cocopops when their candle was lit but, at the same time, had to blow their opponents candle out so they could not eat!  As you can imagine, it was a messy affair and extra help from two more volunteers was required to complete the task.  The girls team won with loud applause from the audience.


  • Summer Concerts (30.6.14/1.7.14)

    Posted: 02nd July 2014

    It was lovely to see so many pupils performing in our Junior and Senior Summer Concerts.  The audiences were treated to a range of different ensembles and a variety of different styles of music.  All ensembles performed to an exceptionally high standard and demonstrated the musical talent within the department.

  • Year 7 Visit to Stratford-upon-Avon (25.6.14)

    Posted: 02nd July 2014

    Year 7’s Activity Week theme was the Terrible Tudors which included a visit to Shakespeare’s birth place and throughout the week they took part in a variety of activities:
    One Minute Shakespeare Playlets
    I learnt that Shakespeare is not that confusing. (Helena Thomas)
    I learned about three of Shakespeare’s most famous plays. (William Green)
    Terrible Tudors Quiz
    I learned interesting facts like Catherine Howard had a block brought to her cell the night before her execution so she could practise putting her head on it. (Henry Harrison)
    I learned that the ghost of Catherine of Aragon is said to haunt my next school – Kimbolton! (Phemie Jennings)
    Tudor Masks
    It was fun using different materials and gems. (Holly Brankin-Frisby)
    I enjoyed being creative and it was also relaxing. (Ben Hazell)
    Stratford Trip
    It was fascinating to see the school where Shakespeare went as a boy. (Oliver Mourant)
    I learned that there was an illness at this school in 1776 and only three boys survived! (George Mallott)
    Tudor Dancing
    I learned how to make a jump look like a lift. (Katy Salvesen)
    It was funny and embarrassing because we had to hold hands with the boys but it was also fun. (Alys Hemmings)
    Learning to fence against friends was awesome. (Alex Telfer)
    I learned the basic ‘en garde’ stance. (Annabel Mangan)
    I learned that they had leather tennis balls in Tudor times. (Myfanwy Fleming-Jones)
    I learned that tennis was one of Henry VIII’s favourite sports. (William Murray)
    It was great to learn how to correctly load and fire a bow and arrow after reading ‘The Hunger Games’ (Marki Koslowsky-Smith)
    I learned how to arch and I got two in the reds. (Josh Beal)
    Martial Arts
    I learned how to kick, block and punch correctly. (Alexandra Day)
    I enjoyed learning new skills and how to defend myself. (Alex Telfer)

  • Year 8 Outward Bound (23.6.14)

    Posted: 01st July 2014

    Year 8 enjoyed a challenging but rewarding week during Outward Bound at Howtown in the Lake District. On arrival they were split into groups for the whole week and each group was challenged during the different team building activities including gorge walking, scrambling, rock climbing, canoeing, coasteering and trekking.  They were thrown into action with the traditional, fun and exciting ‘jog and dip’ and Wednesday saw some groups canoe out to their two day expedition or climb the steep Freeze Beck gorge, followed by a long hike to Place Fell or the Helvellyn summit. When the children reached their destination for camp that evening, they set up for the night and prepared their own food over a gas fire, sleeping either in a tent or under a bivvy.  Friday approached quickly with a mini biathlon competition between the four groups which consisted of a 3km run and a 250m swim.  Exhausted and slightly bedraggled, Year 8 headed home on the Friday to clean clothes and a comfy bed!  Another fantastic Outward Bound week.

  • Spratton Hall Charity Work (1.7.14)

    Posted: 01st July 2014

    At Spratton Hall our Year 8 pupils, as part of the PSHCE syllabus, spend time raising awareness and money for a charity of their choice. 

    The charities chosen are selected for various reasons and often because of a personal interest on behalf of the pupils.  The charities cover many areas of the local and national community.  This year the Year 8 pupils chose the following charities:  Alzheimer's Society, Autism Concern, British Red Cross, Children’s Society, Hope Centre for the Homeless, Music and the Deaf, Rainbows Hospice, Royal British Legion and the Matthew Hampton Foundation.

    The pupils spent time raising funds and awareness for their chosen charity through an eclectic mix of events such as a sponsored 30km cycle ride, a sponsored 10km swim, a raffle for a giant Lindt bunny, cake sales, home clothes days and one group held a Charity Golf Evening where they also had a BBQ and a giant darts competition.

    The benefit to everyone, pupils, staff and parents alike, is enormous and enables us to gain a greater awareness of these different charities.  The involvement is not just for the short term.  Many of our pupils continue their interest in the charity long after leaving Spratton Hall.

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