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  • Assembly Address by Mr Nigel Lashbrook, Headmaster of Oakham School (28.11.14)

    Posted: 01st December 2014


    Mr Nigel Lashbrook, Headmaster of Oakham School, gave an assembly address on Friday 28th November on the subject of determination.

    He told us a story about a donkey who fell down a well and how he eventually managed to climb back out by standing on the soil that had been thrown down the well to bury him.  He also talked about the metamorphosis process of a butterfly and the amount of hard work and perseverance that was needed to break free from its chrysalis.

  • Year 8 Visit to Beth Salmon Holocaust Centre (24.11.14)

    Posted: 28th November 2014

    In November Year 8 spent the day at the Beth Shalom Holocaust Centre. The Holocaust and the issue of man’s inhumanity to man are themes which have been explored in both English and RS lessons. As part of their experience they had a tour of the Holocaust museum and listened to a talk given by Rudi Oppenheimer, a Holocaust survivor who had been imprisoned in Bergen Belsen. Here are some comments made by Y8 pupils about the day:

    I was moved by the plaques in the memorial garden. Some of them were for children as young as five and two who had their whole lives in front of them. Tommy Simeons

    I learned about how the Holocaust made people do things in order to survive. The Holocaust survivor told us how he served soup but kept the potato peelings for himself. He feels ashamed now but at the time it was a matter of life or death.  Tom Sibbald

    I was shocked to read that a man told how he had lost his seven year old son on arrival at Auschwitz and a soldier told him he would find him by looking at the smoke coming from the chimneys.  James Gowen

    The day taught me that this generation needs to make sure the next generation knows that this should never happen again.  Alys Hemmings

    The Holocaust survivor said he gave his talks because he sees what is going on in the news and thinks people have not learned from history.  Myfanwy Fleming-Jones

    There is a pile of stones in the memorial garden. We placed a stone on it. Each stone represents the life of a child who lost their life in the Holocaust. The pile is bigger than me and it is not completed yet. Phemie Jennings

    This trip made me ask how one group of people could do this to another group of people, just because of who they were. The trip made me feel different as a person.  Marcie Armstrong

    I learned that even though people say it will never happen again there are recent examples of genocide, such as Rwanda in 1994.  Josh Beal

  • Cake Sale for Cancer Research (27.11.14)

    Posted: 27th November 2014

    The Cake Sale on Thursday 27th November for Cancer Research raised £133.00.

  • Year 7 Head Master's London Visit (13.11.14)

    Posted: 19th November 2014

    Our trip to London was a fantastic experience.  We saw some amazing views from the London Eye, such as the River Thames and lots of different architectural buildings.  We visited the National Gallery and saw many of Van Gogh’s paintings.  I particularly liked looking up close in detail at his famous canvas ‘Sunflowers’.  We also visited Trafalgar Square then the Science Museum and carried out some cool experiments.  Lunch at Pizza Express was a good chance to sit down and talk about our fun day out.  By Samantha Robinson-Forster

  • Uppingham 'On the Buzzer' Quiz Event (18.11.14)

    Posted: 19th November 2014


    In the opening four rounds Spratton competed well but, unfortunately, just missed out on making it through to the quarter finals. We then won a round of 20 questions against three other schools which put us in the final for the plate competition. After ten minutes of questioning, we beat Aldwickbury Prep School 190—70 to win the Plate.


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