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  • Year 7 Head Master's London Visit (12.11.13)

    Posted: 15th November 2013

    We made our way to the Science Museum and my group went into the mini cinema to learn about the Apollo missions.  It was really good fun, especially at the end when, to our surprise, we got soaked as the capsule fell into the sea!  We saw a space shuttle model and then we went to the games room where you could drive a car around a track, except if you turned right, it would go left and vice versa.  This was very confusing!  On the top floor there was a big circular table where you had to run away from a satellite because it was in the future and satellites could track children.  With a little disc you had to run around the table without getting caught.  The morning was great fun and was finished off by a yummy pizza in Trafalgar Square.

  • Pre-Prep Puppet Show (14.11.13)

    Posted: 15th November 2013

    On Thursday morning the children in Pre-Prep gathered excitedly, accompanied by friends from Spratton Primary School, to watch the annual visiting puppet show.  This year’s production, a twist on ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ saw Jack selling poor Buttercup the cow, before climbing the beanstalk and coming back down in his silver, illuminated spaceship!  There were plenty of “boos” at the mean old witch, followed by loud giggles when she was unexpectedly turned into a ‘witch sausage’!  With multi-coloured lights, neon dancing puppets and a range of artist backdrops, it was a memorising and magical show thoroughly enjoyed by all.

  • Music in Quiet Places (11.11.13)

    Posted: 13th November 2013

    The Music in Quiet Places Concert was held in St. Andrew’s Church on Monday 11th November. There were musicians from Years 3 to 8 with a wide range of abilities. Having a small audience made it great for someone’s first solo and everyone performed their best. There was gentle feeling to the atmosphere and the performance ran smoothly. Everyone enjoyed the concert, despite the cold weather!

  • Informal Concert (17.11.13)

    Posted: 13th November 2013

    On the 17th October we had an informal concert which was the first of the year. The performers were all ages and for many it was the first time. We enjoyed performances from Year 3, up to Year 8. There were some nerve racking performances, but they were all brilliant. Lots of parents came and they all enjoyed it.

  • Year 6 Visit to Coventry Cathedral (7.11.13)

    Posted: 12th November 2013

    On 7th November Year 6 went on a study visit to Coventry Cathedral. They had a guided tour of both the modern part of the Cathedral and the ruins. The focus of the tour was Christian symbolism, the Cathedral’s positive message of peace and reconciliation and the Cathedral’s fascinating history. They also had an opportunity to visit the Blitz Museum.

    Here are some of their comments about the day:

    “My first impression of the Cathedral was that it was amazing. There was a sculpture of a huge angel defeating a huge devil right near the entrance.” Molly Williams

    “I liked the ruins best because I just had the feeling that they were special.” Felix Davis

    “I learned that it took twelve women and three years to weave the huge tapestry of Christ in Glory.” Emma Wardrop

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