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  • Year 7 Visit to Edale (7.10.14)

    Posted: 13th October 2014

    Year 7 were lucky enough to go to Edale. We did many fun activities in four days, including weaselling, a night hike, abseiling off a viaduct – at night, canoeing and climbing up onto Kinder Scout. My favourite activity was on the Wednesday when we went on a hike around a reservoir in Derwent Valley called Ladybower. We saw where the Dambusters practiced their bombing and hiked around the reservoir looking for the best site to put a wildlife sanctuary. I particularly enjoyed this because we got to see how man has tried to help the environment by rectifying the damage made when the reservoir was built. One example of this help is that bird-feeders have been installed to try and encourage the native animals and birds back into the area, because they were driven out when the dams were constructed. The whole of Year 7 enjoyed this trip and we learnt a lot.

    By Grace and Emma Wardrop

  • Year 6 Visit to Boulogne, France (8.10.14)

    Posted: 13th October 2014

    In October Year 6 embarked on a three day residential trip to Boulogne-Le Touquet. They spent Wednesday afternoon looking around La Vieille Ville de Boulogne and learned about French shops and places in town. On Thursday morning they visited the market in Le Touquet where there was a magnificent display of local and international foods, followed by a visit to a sweet making shop in Boulogne called Becasuc. The children took part in the making of hard sweets and were able to taste and then buy some to take home.  They visited the chocolate factory, Chocolat de Beussent, and tasted the unique French chocolate. They also learnt all about the origin and the making of chocolate. On Thursday afternoon Year 6 went to a French café called Paris Plage in which they ordered a drink using their French language skills. On Friday they visited the sea-life centre, Nausicaa, where they studied the captivating sea creatures and learned how to protect the environment.

    During the visit, the children were encouraged to use the vocabulary and expressions taught at school in realistic and authentic situations. They also completed a set of worksheets during our programme of visits as part of their journal project.

    Monsieur Seguin

  • Reception Visit to Ashby Farm (7.10.14)

    Posted: 09th October 2014

    The Reception children recently enjoyed their first trip out of school to Ashby Farm. There were squeals of excitement as they boarded the coach, found their seats and the engine started! They learnt all about how cereal crops are grown and how they end up on our plates through a range of exciting ‘Farm to Fork’ activities. Visiting the barns, watching the loader fill the truck with grain and pedal tractor races were some of the highlights – whilst not forgetting making our own pizzas in the warm farm kitchen. 

  • Year 4 Visit to Living Rainforest (30.9.14)

    Posted: 09th October 2014

    When we went into the rainforest it was really hot and humid.  First we saw a chameleon, it can move its eyes at the same time to different sides!  Next we saw some cockroaches, they sometimes hiss.  We then saw a plant, it eats flies and has a disgusting small which flies like.  We saw many plants such as the banana plant.  We then saw a toucan and it has really nice feathers and next to it were the monkeys who make a noise.  We then went to see the crocodile and the snake.  The dwarf crocodile looks like an adult.  The python snake is the largest snake in the rainforest.  We saw a poisonous plant and some fish that would be found in the rainforest.  By Emma Fowkes

  • Year 8 Visit to Bosworth Battlefield (30.9.14)

    Posted: 08th October 2014

    We started off the day in the Bosworth Battlefield exhibition where we learned about the events leading up to the battle and we also had the chance to try on some medieval armour and try our hands at the longbow.  We then went on the war walk around the battlefield and learned about the tactics and weapons used.  After a nice packed lunch and a quick look around the gift shop, we went to the weapons tent where we met a medieval weapons expert who demonstrated the weapons used from a pitch fork, used to break your ankle, to the pole axe used to chop, hack, stab and smash the enemies’ armour.  He took us outside for a weapons drill where he pitched the girls against the boys and the teachers chose the girls to win!  By  Alys Hemmings  

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